About Me

Who I Am

My name is Reesha Rugroden.

I’m a mother of two young children, an administrator and operations manager, and in my spare time (ahem…when I’m supposed to be sleeping or doing the dishes) I write science fiction and fantasy novels.

How I Got Here

I graduated from the U of M with a BA in English, and got a job as a technical writer. From there, I became an administrative assistant. I discovered I really liked writing, but I also really liked the business side of writing. The dream of helping other people with logistics had begun.

I had a lot of fun there. I got to manage everything from calendars to ordering supplies, to handling email inboxes, to planning and running large events.

After doing this kind of stuff for seven years and sharpening my skills, my world got turned upside down. In one year’s time, we bought a house, had a baby, and I got a new job as an administrator and operations manager. Fortunately my new job allowed me to bring my tiny baby with me while I worked. But then we had another beautiful child, and bringing two kids to work was a little much. (Although we’ve made it work.)

I became a virtual assistant after realizing that I really like helping other people with their logistics. It allows me to sustain our household while still spending time with my little ones.

Other Interests

I’ve developed a lifelong love of tea and origami. I can also ride a unicycle. And I immerse myself in geek culture whenever I can. I’m a Minecraft addict, Civilizations III expert player, and frequent twitch consumer.

Uh, let’s see…..I go kickboxing and running every week, and I love to cook elaborate meals.

Then there’s my novels. Oh, and of course, my best friends also known as books. I can never read enough.