Estimated Rates

Each client’s needs are different, so these prices are merely estimates.

Inbox Detox

I will go through your inbox and unsubscribe from all the things you’ve been ignoring for way too long. I will flag messages that are important and if needed, reply with a standard template to those that would normally require you to type the same answer over and over and over again.

$15 for every 2,000 emails

Proofreading Short Form

I will proofread and line edit anything 1,000 words or under. I will track my changes in Microsoft Word or Google Docs (your choice) so you can see what I changed, and I will leave constructive comments.


Website or Blog analysis

I will look at your website or blog (or social media platform) and look for any errors, dead links, or unorganized posts. I will organize tags, archives, and add notes to posts where needed. I will also take a look at how your website or blog is performing in search engines, and make suggestions for how to improve your chances of being found.


Other Projects

If you have a specific project with a clear beginning and end, let me know in the form below! I would love to customize my work to suit your needs.

Hourly Rates

You may have a need that doesn’t fit well into a single sitting. Perhaps you need me to monitor your inbox for events and meetings to add to your calendar over a couple of months. Or maybe you don’t know exactly what you need, but you know you want to lob things my way as they come at you. In these cases, it’s best to buy a block of hours of my time to be used over the course of the next month.

$80 for a 4-hour block, usable anytime up to a month after purchase